Critical Illness Insurance

Almost half of all workers will experience a disability lasting at least 30 days during their career.  Most employees do not have enough savings to go very long without a paycheck. By purchasing critical illness insurance, you can collect money while you recover, to help pay for medical bills, living Read more…

Smart Home Technology

Did you know, Smart home technology can lower your insurance premiums? If you are looking to purchase a Smart home, own an existing Smart home or looking to remodel your existing home with Smart technology, we have some good news for you. Several insurers have started to pay attention to Read more…

Top 4 Smart Home Gadgets

How are the top 4 Smart home gadget categories working with home insurance? Smart home devices are probably one of the fastest growing sectors of consumer goods.  There are several unique products out there that can do a number of amusing and entertaining things.  Take for example my own personal Read more…


American Association of People Who Do Stuff There are hardworking people everywhere.  The AAPWDS is dedicated to helping the people who help us.  We are proud to offer members specially selected products that make their lives wonderful.

National Association of Hand Puppets

National Association of Hand Puppets We have partnered with the national association of handpuppets to deliver value to their membership. The NAHP understands that membership means more than just paying fees for no reason. You want to get the most value for your membership.